Sunday, November 6, 2011

Can I please have a smart phone now, pretty please?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a smart phone for months now. I almost did it back in June but was advised to wait, pending the release of the newest iPhone, which hadn’t even been announced at that point.

I’m excited about all the features that come with a smart phone, particularly the constant connectivity and ability to look things up whenever I want. But, I’ve also been dragging my feet a little bit just because I absolutely HATE how obsessed people get with their phones. I have very good friends whom I love dearly who can’t go fifteen minutes without doing something with their phone, and it seriously drives me crazy.

So, I’ve been waiting . . .

Then the iPhone 4S came out. I was perfectly content with the idea of getting the 4 instead because it didn’t seem like the newest model was that much cooler . . . until I saw how Siri works. Now I want one so badly I can hardly stand it!

And after my experience on Saturday, well I almost marched right into the nearest AT&T store and demanded an iPhone 4S on the spot, except for the fact they’re all sold out. But, I digress. Here’s my story, and it’s kind of funny.

I was going to the baby shower for a dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen for awhile. It was in Layton, which is kind of far away, but I decided it was worth driving that far to see her. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Layton so I’m not familiar with it, so I looked up the directions as I was madly getting ready and then ran out the door.

I followed the directions exactly . . . to some random street in Layton which is NOT where the baby shower was. It turned out to be on the completely opposite side of town from where the shower was. Somehow I’d left without even grabbing the address. Ugh!!

I had to call my sister and have her log into my Facebook account, look up the address, then get directions from where I was at to the baby shower. And then she guided me a couple times when I accidentally made a wrong turn. Oops!

I finally made it to the baby shower, just two hours late. I did get to spend time with my friend, and it was delightful to see her. Really the two hours of driving it took to get me there are funny to me, and I’m laughing as I write this. She’s such a cute pregnant lady, and I’m very happy for her.

The thing that kills me is it could’ve been easily rectified with the use of a smart phone. * Sigh * Perhaps it’s time to just bite the bullet and buy one already, even if I have to wait a couple weeks for it to come in. And I’ll have to promise myself to be present in whatever situation I’m in to hopefully avoid becoming obsessed with my phone.


Sarita said...

Just do it. I have been so happy with my iphone - it's been nice for exactly what you needed it for yesterday! But you are right, it is downright annoying that I've become addicted to some fun apps like Angry Birds or Scrabble. But it's just like with every other piece of technology: play with it, allow a day (or week) or two of complete obsession, then rein it all in with a big dose of self-control. It's possible. And sooo worth it! BTW, we need to get together soon.

kathryn said...

I hate the person I've become with my smart phone--in weeks it had become a new appendage. But I can make calls, read books, surf the net, listen to music, check traffic reports... I don't know if I could ever give it up. The one thing I've done is refuse to download any game apps, which sounds like a resolve Sarah might benefit from. :-)

Katie said...

Jump right in. I do love my iPhone. And it is so helpful in so many situations. I love that I can have so many things with me without actually having so many things with me like books, games, internet, music. You are right though, people can become obsessed. I don't think the answer is self-control necessarily, but just remembering to be in the moment you are actually in. You are a great friend and good listener, and I'm sure you'll be able to disern between times when it is okay to play with it and times when people will be annoyed if you pull it out. :) Have fun and enjoy!