Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun 2011

Compared to a few previous Halloweens, especially last year, this one was very toned down. This could’ve been because I didn’t know for sure what I was going to be until just a few days before. Then all my time was spent putting together a decent costume and I just didn’t have the creative energy (or time) to go all out as I have in the past. Oh well!

I had a great time being a gypsy this year. My dear aunt let me borrow the perfect gypsy skirt. With my peasant shirt, belly dancing scarf, six rings, 12 bracelets including 10 bangles, two necklaces and some very noisy earrings, I may not have had the most creative costume, but I was definitely the noisiest. Not that I’m good at stealth on a normal day, but I was especially not stealthy on Friday.

I wish I could say I accomplished a lot in spite of the party attitude at work, but it was mostly a play day. I did get an honorable mention for my costume, as the best “Diverse Markets” costume. I almost thought the honorable mentions were funnier than the regular awards.

Here’s the pictures of the day. This is the extent of my cube decorating. Exciting, I know.


How could I help it when this is what others on my floor were doing?


What’s inside the blacked out cube?




He’s part of the 99 percent.


Fun costumes, including mine. Smile



Baby Rosemary the Riveter. So darling!


Spooky food. The “orange cow pie,” really a Cinnamon Blob from Johnny Kolache, won an award for highest sugar content.



One more friend picture. It really was a great Halloween, in case you can’t tell.


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kathryn said...

I think I have a skirt just like that...