Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things that make you go mmmm

I just got back tonight from spending the weekend with three of my siblings and their families, which was fantastic! One of our favorite activities while we’re there is going to an ice cream place called Casper’s in Providence. I discovered it a few years ago when I made a market visit to Logan. We had to try it out, and now it’s a family favorite.

Since I’m mean like that, I’m going to show you pictures of exactly why this place is fabulous. How about some hard ice cream? And in a chilled glass no less?


A couple of the favorite treats:


Are you drooling yet? Winking smile But, it’s really the company that makes this place as fabulous as it can be.




Finally, some kids may have skipped dinner, so after inhaling their ice cream, they ran across the street to grab some breadsticks to go with their ice cream. Salt with sweet is kind of a family thing.


Next time you’re in Logan, I highly recommend you stop by and try Casper’s because it’s great, just in case the pictures haven’t convinced you yet.

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kathryn said...

Just wait a few days, and you might have a new favorite ice cream stop. :-)