Monday, December 12, 2011

It matters, Tammy, much more than you think

Greetings readers who still check out my blog. December has been a busy month so far, and I haven’t had time to write in here as I would’ve liked, but oh well.

I had an experience in the last week that I really wanted to share so here goes. I discovered shortly after receiving my calling as the Temple Co-chair for my ward last summer that it involved something else important I hadn’t been told about, that is Family History.

I haven’t been too sure what to do with this part of my calling but at ward council a couple months ago, they told me it was time to start teaching the family history class during Sunday School . . . in only two weeks!

Yeah, that kind of panicked me out, especially when I realized it was a week I wasn’t going to be in church.

Luckily, blessedly, it got pushed back a few weeks until after Thanksgiving, meaning I started teaching it a week ago. I was nervous to be teaching the class because it’s not a subject I consider myself to be well versed in. But, the manual is well organized and comes complete with DVD segments to supplement the lesson.

I carefully prepared that first week and rushed off to church a little early for tithing settlement, hoping all would be well with class. I was dismayed when I came to my room after Sacrament meeting and discovered the small classroom empty. One of the guys in my ward not only helped me bring the top-heavy TV into the room but also recruited some other class members to come.

So, it was me teaching a class of five men. Yeah, I know. Winking smile

A very touching thing happened as I taught this lesson. One of the class members is very interested in family history and has been working on it since he was a teenager. He shared an experience during the lesson that brought tears to his eyes, and a strong spirit to the class. I could tell just how much it meant to him, and I hoped the rest of the class was as touched as I was.

As I’ve thought about this experience through the past week, I’ve realized why it struck me so much. It’s because this work matters. It matters more than most of the things I do. It matters more than the time I spend reading, texting, Facebooking, writing in my blog, running around, or even some of the many other activities I do. It matters because it’s one of the three-fold missions of the church. And I’ve been called to get my peers excited and prepared to do the work themselves, as well as myself.

So, this class I was so nervous to teach has become real to me, helping me to better understand exactly why this work is so important. All I am is the mouthpiece, but it helps when I have a strong belief in what it is I’m doing.


rhonda said...

Hey Tammy,
Family History and temple work DO matter. Thank you for sharing your experience and testimony with us. We all need to hear it. If you need some help, let me know. I have been doing family history for a couple of years. I am not a pro or historian of it, but I know how to get around the Family Search site. I love friend, keep up the Spirit!

Gallup Family said...
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Gallup Family said...

All too often we think callings are given to us because we know that topic, are well suited for the position, or some think just to fill a spot. When in actuality the calling was given to us so the Lord could teach us something we needed to learn. Most of my callings I am certain are there to help me work on self-confidence and patience (two of my biggest flaws.) I must admit my last calling (which I absolutely adore!) is leaving me to wonder what I'm to learn from it but I'm sure with time I'll catch on.
Luckily, you caught on to your "lesson" in your first class which will greatly benefit you from now on as teacher of said class. Good luck!