Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cute Kidisms

Way back when I started my blog in November, I had an entry where I put cute quotes from my nieces and nephews. I was intending to make it a regular thing, but that hasn't happened. However, I've heard a couple of the kids say funny things this weekened which I have to share with you, so here goes.

"Mommy, you're not ugly. Just your hair is ugly." - 7-year-old Spencer trying to comfort his mother when she commented on her scary morning hair.

"My mommy tells everybody my eyes are blue, but they're actually green."
"My mommy gives me happy medicine, and it makes me go to sleep." - 3-year-old Alyssa to the lady cutting her brother's hair. (Oh the honestly of children although her eyes really are blue so I don't know why she thinks they're green.)

"Are we finished with church yet?" - 3-year-old Alyssa after sitting through her cousin's baptism and his sister's blessing on Saturday.

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Andersons said...

Hello! I miss you. And, thought I would let you know that Corey has two interviews in SLC this week, so hopefully we will be moving there this summer. We will see. :) Thanks for the laughs with the cute quotes.