Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Dark Horse Rides Again

Don't you just love those movies or books where the person nobody thinks has much potential suddenly ends up performing feats that seemed impossible only pages or minutes before? I've always loved those types of stories. I think it's the strength of the human spirit twist that appeals to me.

Tonight I saw one for real when Kris Allen was crowned the 2009 American Idol!!!

In case you can't tell from the 10 exclamations in the last sentence, I'm pretty pumped about it! Kris has sneaked up on everybody to take the crown right out from under Adam Lambert, who seemed like a shoe-in to win for most of the season. I couldn't be more delighted about Kris' victory because not only is he a talented vocalist and performer, he's also quite attractive. Nothing like a little eye candy to make the performance that much more enjoyable. :) Have no fear though--I'm just enjoying the view because Kris is very much married to a cute little blonde that they show every week.

I was delighted with his victory because I think he genuinely deserves it, and I sure love to root for the underdog. I must confess that I totally thought Adam had the competition in the bag, but I was wrong and couldn't be happier about that. I also got so tired of Paula telling Danny Gokey every week "See you in the finals" when I didn't necessarily think he was headed in that direction or if he was that he deserved it. And I loved the look on Kris' face last week when Ryan Seacrest told him that he was in the finals--he was genuinely shocked. Tonight after he won Ryan was asking him what he thought, and he couldn't even praise himself because he was talking so much about how talented everyone, particularly Adam, was. I'm sure he was still pretty astounded at the results too, so I can't blame him for being speechless.
I think, like last year's David Cook, Kris is going to do well. His bluesy singing style (and let's be honest--sexy looks) is going to appeal to the masses. His wife better keep a tight hold on him; not that he would do anything bad, but I'm just sayin'. He's a class act--the real deal. Not that Adam wouldn't be too if he won, but I'm just so incredibly impressed with Kris.

Like millions of other people around the United States let me say an official congratulations to our 2009 American Idol Kris Allen!!

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Andersons said...

He won because he is HOT! And, has tons of talent. I'm like a little teenager all over again. Love him!