Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Hike

So sometimes although I have the best intentions to post something, I don't always get around to it as quickly as I'd like to. Such is the case with this post (and let's be honest--most of the posts from this month). I meant to write it either Monday or yesterday and then I got busy and didn't have time. Oh well! It's still valid no matter when I post it, unless it's six months later or something and then it's not timely in any way shape or form. . . :)

Monday was Memorial Day, as I'm certain all of you are well aware. In my last post I expressed concern about the forecast since a group of friends, including both myself and Speak, were planning to go on a hike. To our surprise and delight, Monday dawned sunny and beautiful--perfect weather for an outdoor activity. Yay!

My friend who planned the hike (again, I don't have a good pseudonym for him so he'll just have to remain nameless for now) had decided on a trail that would be a good beginner's hike, at my request. However, it didn't quite work out the way we had planned since the road to the top of the canyon was still closed. That meant our 5-mile hike would turn into a 14-mile hike instead.

Since most of us didn't want to spend all day hiking, we decided to take a different trail. It was shorter, only 1.5 miles, but we climbed 1,200 feet. Most everyone else did great with it, but since I'm a slacker recently and haven't been going to the gym, it was harder for me than I'd like to admit. In fact, for part of the hills, I had my own personal jet engine that helped push me up the incline. I appreciated the assistance but hoped my jet engine still enjoyed himself too. What a trooper! I had a great time, and the view was beautiful. Here's some pictures. Enjoy!!

Here's Yuri and Heidi at a viewpoint along the whole way.

The whole group, sans me of course since I was taking the picture. :)

Our fearless leader (and I changed the font blue just for him since I'm 95 percent sure he wouldn't approve of the pink, since it's too girly.)

Here's the viewpoint. Isn't it beautiful?

Finally, here's me with the viewpoint from the other side with me in it of course.


gag01001 said...

This made me miss you guys so much!! I wish I could have been there, but I guess I'll be seeing all of you in less than a month. Maybe we should do a camp fire instead of a get-together at the house...

Bachelor said...

Yes, I do appreciate you changing the font on this one. I look much better with blue than pink! This was a fun hike, glad we all made it.