Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Special Visit to the Hospital

Wow! Welcome back to me! It's pretty much been forever since I've posted anything here and to anyone who faithfully reads my blog, I apologize. The only excuse I have is being sick (which meant I didn't feel like writing) and then just plain being busy. Yes, I am finally feeling better, and I heard it from a doctor's lips on Thursday--I did NOT have swine flu, which I was pretty sure of anyway, but I felt so validated when he told me that!

Anyway, I meant to write this post Monday night, but I stayed up too late talking to Smirk and Speak. Last night I was working until a ridiculous hour of the night, and by the time I got home, I wasn't up to posting in my blog. I might write a separate entry about that though.

Moving right along. The whole point of this post is that I wanted to share my experience from Monday night. Anyone who knows me well probably also knows about my sweet n' sassy niece who has a serious heart condition. She hasn't been doing well at all lately and had actually requested to be put in the hospital. To put this into perspective, she hates the hospital so the fact that she was requesting to be put in is a testament to how horrible she's been feeling.

Anyway, my sister and her husband brought my niece up to PCMC on Monday. She spent most of the day in the clinic having all kinds of tests before they finally admitted her overnight for observation after reducing the dose on one of her meds.

I was surprised on Monday when my other sister, who lives a short distance away, asked if I would be around that night because she wanted to bring her three kids up here so they could visit their cousin in the hospital. I was surprised for several reasons but said I'd be around, so up she came. Of course with small children, it gets a little crazy, but I was so happy to have them. Honestly, having them come up made what would have been a very hard thing into something more bearable. My two sisters and I enjoyed visiting for awhile, the kids had fun seeing each other, and even though he'd never admit it, I'm sure my brother-in-law was happy to see us too. Being the queen of pictures that I am, I have a few I'd like to share here. Sorry about the length of this post--sometimes I just have a lot to say, but I'll stop now so I can post the pictures.

Here's Trellie (with the shades) and the Bumblebee (my nickname for her) on the way to the hospital.

Mr. Gamer teases his younger sister.

Ahhh-- cousinly love and the three girls have a party on the bed. Okay not really, but they did all climb up there. Check the sassy look Trellie is giving me!
Entertaining our patient.
Check out my beautiful sisters. They're so great!

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