Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

Ladies and gentleman. I have a very special blog post for you today. Yes, once again, you have the opportunity to enter my head and take one of "Tammy's journeys" with me. I hope you're excited!

Today's adventure centers around an activity that I did for the second time in my life today: cooking a turkey! I wrote a post about my adventure last year, which I would put a link here for except I don't know how to. Sorry! That's what happens when you're secretly a little bit technologically impaired. In any case, cleaning good old Tom Turkey out and putting him into the oven wasn't nearly as traumatic this year as it was last. In fact, I didn't have to make any calls to the Expert about the actual cooking (although I did ask her about thawing this morning, but that's beside the point).

Here are a couple pictures of me performing the deed. Yes, I asked Speak to document it for me to put in my blog. :) And I promise that the frightened face is just me hamming it up for the camera. Sometimes I like to do that.

I was slightly distressed when I checked Tom this afternoon after my nap to discover that his button hadn't popped yet. Yikes! He'd already been in the oven for three hours, and my company was, theoretically, going to be arriving in 40 minutes. I turned the oven up slightly and left him in for almost an additional half an hour, hoping that the button would pop. When it didn't, I had to phone the Expert to find out if he could still be done despite the unpopped button. She told me he likely could and to just watch for pink meat as I carved him.

That was my second accomplishment for the day: I carved the turkey for the first time! Both Smirk and Speak were adamant that I didn't need a man to do it for me, so I set out to prove them right and did it myself. I can't say that I had a great technique or really knew what I was doing, but if the meat came off the bird, that's what matters anyway, right?

I don't have a euphemism for her yet. I guess I'll call her Betty. She helped carve the turkey.
I had compliments from several people about how good the turkey tasted, so I guess I did a good job. Here are a few pictures of the party and our guests. It felt good to do a big event at the house. As a good friend pointed out this week, it's been awhile since Speak and I have done anything like this so it was fitting to gather friends close once again. Happy pre-Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the pictures!

Here's the men being gentlemen and letting the ladies serve themselves first.

Just a few photos of our guests as they feasted on all the wonderful food.

I was pretty proud of us. We crammed 15 people into our living room. That's two more than last year.

The Couch, or Canada. Ask He-Man if you want to know why that is.


gag01001 said...

I love that everything in your post got named except with the people with actual names. :-)

Andersons said...

Love the picture of you with the turkey. You're brave, I've still NEVER cooked a turkey. :)

Confuzzled said...

It's not called a euphemism, silly. It's called a blogonym. Or 'nym for sort. You know, like pseudonym...except it's not a pen name, it's a blog name.

Ergo, blogonym.

(Why, yes. Yes, I am a nerd.)