Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE fireworks? And when I say love, I mean I really love them. I get super excited for the Fourth of July (and now that I live in Utah, the 24th of July) because it means that I get to see the sky light up with beautiful explosions of color. The bigger the firework show, the better!

And, since the majority, if not all, of the fireworks I see come at patriotic times of the year, fireworks also make me feel patriotic. I'm not sure how exactly explosions in the air tie in with being patriotic, save only that they're a tradition for that time of the year, but somehow they do. And I would feel cheated if my Fourth of July went by without seeing any fireworks show! This year I got to see two. It was exciting!

It's become an important tradition for me, whenever possible, to always see the fireworks show at Aggie Stadium in Logan. I can't even recall the number of times that I've seen it over the years my sister has lived there, except that I know it's been many, many times. I love it because not only is the show put on by professionals, but the fireworks are also choreographed to music, which makes it that much cooler!

Here are a few photos of the fireworks show last year and this year. I'm not quite as good at photographing them as my brother, but I do try. I'm also going to attempt to upload a video, but I'm not sure if it'll work out or not so we'll see. Enjoy!


Gallup Family said...

Have you ever seen the fireworks at Lagoon? I did a couple of years ago and the show was so beautifullly choreographed that it brought tears to my eyes!
Also, fireworks are suppose to represent the bombs and gunfire of wars that were fought for our freedom (I believe.)

Sarah Roberts said...

Great photos! I haven't gone to a fireworks show in a few years :( so thanks for bringing it to me!

Jeff and Tiffany West said...

Tammy I think the conection between fireworks and the Patriotic time of the year is tied to our national Anthem. But I am not 100% about this, but it is what I think;) Like you, I also love fireworks! The 4th of July is my favorite Holiday!