Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monster Trucks!

So pretty much I've been meaning to write this entry for days and just haven't gotten around to it yet. But there's no time like the present. :)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go see the monster truck show at Rocky Mountain Raceway. It's been quite awhile since our family has been able to go for various reasons, but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only did I get to hang out with my two brothers, sister-in-law, two nephews and my cousin, but it was just an enjoyable evening. Unless you've seen the trucks before I think it's hard to appreciate how loud the engine is or the sickly sweet scent of the fuel. I also love the excitement of the crowd. So great!

Well, and I love that this seems like not a typical Tammy activity either. I get a rush out of doing stuff like that sometimes. :)

But of course I think the pictures can tell the story better than I can.

Beauty and I didn't know that Batman was going to be there!

Of course the monster trucks are interspersed with other types of racing, namely the Maverik Midgets and the Nascar Modifieds. No race would be complete without a pretty icky wreck and this was no exception. In the very first heat one of the Midgets hit the side of the track, bounced over to hit the corner that lead off into the pit area and then landed on its side next to the wall. It was a nasty crash but miraculously the driver walked away from it, then had his car fixed enough that he was able to race in the major event, placing fifth. Yikes!

A picture of a wreck that happened with the modifieds during their 50-lap main event.

Just being silly. . .

Monster truck racing! Each truck had a qualification round to get their time, then were paired in racing according to qualification time. That meant the slowest truck raced the fastest and so on. Each round eliminated the trucks that lost until it came down to the final two. This year it was Bigfoot vs. Bounty Hunter. Bigfoot won!!

Sorry, my camera sucks at night shots, so I don't have the actual final race. This was just before it started. They had to go around the figure 8 track twice in order to win.

Just us in the pit area following the race.

Beauty and I enjoying a girl power moment with the Ms. Bigfoot truck. This truck was driven by the lone female in the competition. When we saw her afterwards (although we didn't meet her because her line was way too long), she matched her truck somehow.

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