Friday, August 13, 2010

My magic animal calling skillz

Once upon a time I took a little trip to Logan. Now, I know that I take many trips to Logan so I suppose I should specify which trip I'm talking about. It just so happens this was the one right before I went to Yellowstone.
Anyway, my sister and I both needed some exercise so we decided to take a walk around what she calls the "big block," which is 2.1 miles. It was dusk as we left, so not only was it getting pleasantly cool but we were also losing our light.

Along the walk is a field that has both donkeys and horses in it. Bumblebee always wants the animals to come over and visit when they walk past but has never been successful in getting them to do so. On this particular walk, I decided to be silly and bray at the donkeys just to see what would happen. To my astonishment, they both came running right over to the fence! Bumblebee was delighted, and the four of us (my sister, the Diva, Bumblebee and I) all enjoyed petting the donkeys and feeding them the weeds from right outside the pasture. I was laughing so hard at my newly discovered "skill."

Last weekend I went to Logan again for the Diva's baptism. It was great fun and a family reunion of sorts as almost my entire family was able to be there, with the exception of four people. It was awesome!

On Friday night, my two older sisters, my niece, my mom and I all walked the big block together. As we walked, I decided to try out my animal calling skills again. And not only did it work once, but it worked twice. See the pictures below.
Yup, this time my magic powers worked on the sheep too. Cool beans!

And here come the donkeys. They ran right over to us.

Ta-dah! I now present the animals that I called over with my special animal calling skillz.

Aren't they so cute? Their fur is surprisingly coarse too.

Okay, I didn't actually need my magic calling skills for this last one. Bumblebee hauled him in and put him on my lap. But since I'm a lover of kitties, I didn't mind.

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