Sunday, August 22, 2010

My second visit to beautiful Bear Lake

I guess I just barely shared my story about going to the monster trucks with my brothers. Now I have to share my story about going to Bear Lake with two of my sisters. Truthfully, I think that although I've had some great moments this summer, this was one of my highlights. The reason for that: it was so soothing to me. Being outside like that around a beautiful body of water is so very healing. And to do it with my family made it that much better! I told my sister that it's good I don't live by any great beaches or I could totally see myself becoming a beach bum. . .

In my last visit to Bear Lake I was just amazed at how beautiful it is. This trip reminded me of that, and I was happy to see that it remains just as beautiful as ever.

This trip was so fun because the kids got to play in the sand and/or water, just entertaining themselves while the adults (my two sisters and me) got to sit in the water with the waves lapping at our feet, just talking and relaxing. I wish I'd gotten a picture of us sitting like that, but, alas, I did not. My family is very much a talking family--we like to just sit around and talk sometimes. We did that on Friday night after dinner and we did that for a good portion of the day Saturday, of course still taking care of the kids as they came up because they needed or wanted something, as children do.

Here's the whole group, sans me of course since I was taking the picture.

Just playing in the sand and water

Okay, I have to be honest: I've seen this type of picture as a forward before, but I thought it was great, so when the opportunity arose to take one myself, well, I couldn't resist.

Me celebrating what a great day it was, even if I do look like I'm about to do a pirouette or something. :)

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Connie said...

It was a super awesome day!! We love our Tammy girl!! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! I am dying to hear how awesome your lesson was. Thanks so much for coming with us to Bear Lake. We love you tons and tons and tons!! Talk to you very soon!