Sunday, August 29, 2010

Endings and beginnings

Today I saw the ending of an era for the members of my ward: a new bishopric was put in. It's always both sad and happy to see this happen; happy because they've earned a rest from an involved and busy calling but always sad to see them go. This was no exception.

I have very much appreciated my kind and wise bishop for the two years I've been in my ward. I have sensed very much his love of all of us in the ward and of the Lord. And I've appreciated how much he has watched over me and supported me through a difficult time. I wish only the best for him and his counselors as they move onto other callings in their lives.

Today was also my last day in my ward. I've been waiting for this day for some time, anticipating it even, but I found it to be sadder than I would've thought. I think it had to do with the bishopric also leaving and of saying good-bye to people I love and appreciate who have been kind to me.

It was also sad because it made me remember my exit from my last ward two years ago, also at the same time my bishopric was released. I cried many tears that day not only for the bishopric, whom I truly loved and respected, but because I had to leave a ward I loved. But, I made the transition, and it turned out to be just fine.

All of this has put me in mind of endings and beginnings. Life is so full of both. Sometimes the end comes sooner than you would like, while other times it comes later. Some endings are more difficult while others are easier.

But, with every ending also comes a new beginning. It may not be entirely welcome, especially if the end came sooner than you wanted, but the beginning can provide a means to cope with the change. Or, if the ending was welcome, the beginning can be a gateway to other new and exciting things. It's all a matter of perspective and of dealing with the change.

Here's hoping that recent endings and beginnings in my own life can bring me the happiness and peace that I seek. I feel optimistic about the outcome, however, and am sure everything will work out for the best.


kathryn said...
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kathryn said...

Here's to sad endings that make for beautiful new beginnings.