Sunday, October 17, 2010

My poor future children!

I had an experience the other day that made me fear just a little bit for my future children. I’d like to share it now so perhaps it can help one of you.

I should preface this post by explaining that I’m very much of a child person. My first niece was born when I was 14, and I’ve pretty much grown up around children with 11 more children born in the years that followed her birth. Anyone who knows me knows that my nieces and nephews are the delight of my heart, which I take great pride in.

Anyway, the other night I got together with a close friend of mine. She has an adorable almost three-year-old daughter. I’ve always loved this little girl, headstrong and stubborn child that she is. But on this particular night, I found myself struggling around her more than I’d like.

Her mom told me she had been sick, so that might’ve been part of the problem. She just seemed to be extra whiny and clingy that night, alternately seeking comfort and then being ornery and difficult. Normally I can handle this behavior without any problem. I mean, kids will be kids. They don’t mean to be annoying or to do things that drive us crazy, and I understand that.

On that night I am ashamed to admit that I found the behavior difficult to deal with. I was getting so very impatient and frustrated while her mom was taking it all in stride. I suppose she’s used to it because she deals with it on a daily basis, and mommy usually knows her child best.

It had been an extremely long day at work so that might’ve been part of the problem, but I just really felt bad that I was responding to a difficult child by being stubborn myself. Ugh! Who’s the adult here again? Oh yeah, that would be me! I just felt like I should’ve been acting more appropriately. I know that no parent is perfect and they all have days where they find their children easier to live with than others. I guess I had my own taste of what that’s like. I still love this child very much and I hope next time I see her that I can show her. Maybe I don’t need to be fearing for the children I hope to someday have after all. . .

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Gallup Family said...

You have no reason to worry, Tammy. I swing between days of being super understanding to days of wanting to tear my hair out and telling the kids to leave me alone. And for the most part, kids are resilient...they won't remember you were a little upset with them one day, as long as the majority of the time you are understanding. This little girl probably didn't even realize that you were a bit on edge. So no worries :)

Andersons said...

You make me laugh! I'm not sure I was taking everything in stride...I was just too tired to care.