Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still not ready. . .

Since I live in Utah and it's definitely a winter state (our state motto isn't "the greatest snow on earth" for nothing now is it?), I always know that eventually the weather is going to turn cold and there will be white flakes falling from the sky at some point.

But that doesn't stop me from hoping it'll be later rather than sooner. Or that it'll come at a time when I don't have to go drive around in it.

Alas, my wish is not usually granted. And I have been spoiled by relatively mild winters for the last two years, so I can't complain too badly. When we did have a pretty bad winter a couple of years ago I actually got pretty good at driving in it too.

But I still found myself feeling distressed when I walked outside this morning only to discover about 4 inches of snow on top of my car. * Sigh * I had heard snow was in the forecast this week but secretly hoped they were wrong, as they often are. Such was not the case. But I swept said snow off my car and headed my merry way on to the train, glad that I didn't have to drive all the way into downtown. I was sure the freeway would be clear, but it's amazing how people magically forget how to drive in it at the first snowstorm of the season.

One of the difficult things about living in the suburbs I realized today is that down south often gets more snow than downtown. That's going to be something I'll have to live with this winter. But, I'm a tough girl so I know I can handle it, even if I choose not to like it. Luckily winter doesn't last forever here like it did in Rexburg. There's something to be happy about. :)

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