Monday, October 11, 2010

Re-connected at last!

Good afternoon my dear readers! Greetings from my new home at last! I’ve wanted to write from here for the longest time, but, alas, I’ve been unconnected to the Internet until now. I’m happy to report that my hiatus is over and I can now blog from home once again. Thanks to everyone who has allowed me to blog and/or use the Internet on their home computers for the last little while. Trust me when I say that I very much appreciate your assistance. I’m sure it’s thanks to you I haven’t shriveled up and died from lack of Internet in the last six weeks.

In fact, I now feel slightly extravagant because I’ve been able to use the Internet for two days in a row. Sad day when two days of Internet usage feels like a lot to me! I’m sure I’ll get used to having it again in no time though. It’s meant to be enjoyed, and I intend to make sure that I do.

A special thanks goes out to my brother-in-law, whom I’ll nickname Indiana, for his help in making this possible. He not only facilitated the hub through Verizon Wireless that is now my Internet portal, but he also helped me to purchase a very nice new toy, or I mean tool, that I can use to do so.

I’m pretty sure I could’ve used this mobile Internet on my old computer, but trust me when I say it’s getting closer to retirement all the time. It often sounds like it’s going to take off when I turn it on, which I’m not sure is a good thing. I’m hoping it can enjoy a nice rest now that I finally have my own laptop. Wa-hoo!

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Holly said...

Hi, and thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the post. Ever since I wrote it, I've been thinking about the whole concept a lot...great, what have I done?!

I am thinking that maybe we do know each other. You seem to be friends with a few Scrollies. I wrote for the Scroll from Jan-Dec 2005, so we may have met.

Anyway, thanks for the comment and have a good day!