Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I got brave today … and this is what happened

When I made my budget for this month, I was dismayed to discover there wasn’t going to be money to get my hair cut. Especially since in the last few weeks I was so frustrated with it that I wanted to scream.

And that’s when I decided to wait on getting the oil changed in my car (what’s a few more weeks in the grand scheme of things, especially since I’m not quite at my 3,000 miles yet) and just get my hair cut anyway. Here are the results of that choice.

A few weeks ago my hair looked like this:


Thanks to a trusted and talented hair stylist, it now looks like this:


Yeah I’m still getting used to it too. But I’m not sorry I made such a drastic change. Smile


J, S, and A said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! It really thins you out. Way to be brave!

kathryn said...

So cute! I love it, and I hope you learn to love it, too.

Julia said...

Very Cute!!! I really love it!