Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Goal

Okay, so I have a new goal that just got worse tonight. I desperately want to own a piece of real estate. Is that so bad? I've had the bug for awhile but just haven't acted on it because I haven't had (still don't in fact) the funds to do anything about it.

But tonight I was looking through an email a friend sent me with houses for less than $100,000 and then I couldn't resist and had to check out Should I have done so? Probably not because it just made it worse! Especially when I found a listing for the townhomes I've been in love with for ages now for less than I ever thought it would be possible to get them. Alas!

This is why you should never put yourself in a position to be tempted by something you can't have.

I'm still following Dave Ramsey's program Financial Peace University and am in a position to be 100 percent debt free by the end of the year. Yippee! But, I can't skip a step (the 3-6 month emergency fund) and skip to step 4.5, which is to invest in real estate, so I'll just have to keep at it. I know I can do it though.

And if always helps to have a goal in mind anyway, right?

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Katie said...

That's a great goal! Congrats on staying strong though and keeping to your plan and getting an emergency fund in place first. That's good. My husband listens to a bunch of those financial people (Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman...) and I think their plans are great. They've helped us so much in preparing for the future and staying out of debt.

It is always fun to look at new houses and things like that though. :)