Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the bestest Papa Daddy ever!

Today is a special day. It’s a day set aside for all of us to give thanks for our fathers. I’d like to think I’m always grateful for my dad, but it never hurts to let him know exactly what it is I’m grateful for.

My dad has always been one of my heroes. He has encouraged me. loved me, disciplined me when necessary and pushed me to do better. He always knows the right buttons to push to tease me right out of a bad mood and make me laugh. Did I mention he’s also the king of the cheesy joke? He has a loving heart and will do anything for any of his children.

Here are a few pictorial highlights of why I love my dad:

Two words: the cane


I am the queen of picture taking, but I learned it somewhere. Ta-dah!! It’s a skill I learned from the best.


Sometimes he let’s me do silly things to him like this. What? I was helping him recover from surgery a few years ago.


He loves animals, all types of animals. Even stinky ones.


He can sleep anywhere at any time, even if the bed is already covered.


Have I mentioned how fun it is to give him a bad time? It’s fantastic!

Pumpkin Walk etc 074

This post is dedicated to the bestest papa daddy ever!! Love you!!


Thanks for always being there for me and believing in me, especially when I can’t myself. Thanks too for being a worthy Priesthood holder and being able to give me blessings when I need them. I am and always will be your baby daughter, no matter how old I get.


Ralph and Brenda said...

I could not have a more awesome tribute. Ya, we do hit it off pretty good. Even when I over tease and make you mad, sometimes. Thanks for all you are. Can hardly wait to go to the temple with you again. DAD

Andersons said...

Your Dad is the coolest!