Monday, June 6, 2011

One year . . . four baptisms

It all started almost nine years ago when my oldest sister announced she was having her second child. Only a short time later my sister closest in age to me announced she was also having another baby, due just six weeks later. Of course this is the Diva and Z-Man. We couldn’t have been more delighted to have them join our family, particularly Miss Sassypants who waited through 5 boys before finally getting a girl cousin. And then she got two in just under a year.

Little did we know that only eight months later my sister-in-law would also give birth to a baby, another girl, and just two months after her, my second oldest sister had her fourth and final baby, a boy we’ll refer to as Scamperboo. Each brought a great deal of joy to our family as well as their own set of challenges.

Fast forward eight years and you’ll reach today. Or rather the last year when all four of these children turned eight and entered the waters of baptism. What a wonderful experience to be able to share this with them! I’m not even their parents and it makes me get slightly weepy to think about/talk about it. What the heck?

It started with the Diva. Here are a few pictorial highlights of her special day:

Yellowstone-Katriel's Baptism 060Yellowstone-Katriel's Baptism 075Yellowstone-Katriel's Baptism 081Yellowstone-Katriel's Baptism 079

Here’s Z-Man’s baptism day last September. It was doubly special since his older brother was ordained as a Deacon the same weekend.



In April our whole family was able to travel to Idaho for my niece LouLou’s baptism. She looked beautiful, and we couldn’t have been happier for her.



I was so delighted with my perfect record of being able to have made the baptisms for all the kids thus far . . . until I realized Scamperboo’s baptism was on a weekend when I’d made a previous commitment so I didn’t think I’d be able to go. Sad smile I felt pretty devastated about it actually even though I definitely wouldn’t have been the only one who had to miss. The very idea of not being able to go was seriously killing me, until my circumstances changed and I was able to make it work after all. Yippee!! And it was a very special experience, so I was glad I made it.



After this whole long post and me going on and on about how I was able to make it when I didn’t think I’d be able to, well did you notice someone important missing from these pictures? Oh yeah, me! Being that I’m the queen of pictures and all, did you really think I’d let that happen? Not so much. I was just saving them until last. It was a wonderful blessing that I was able to make Scamperboo’s baptism this last weekend, and I had a pretty incredible experience there that I can’t talk about here. In any case, thanks for indulging me as I document these important family events in my blog. But then again, this is the world according to me, so I should have the freedom to write about things that are important to me. Oh and to put pictures of myself in my blog sometimes.

Yellowstone-Katriel's Baptism 083IMG_6679



Have I mentioned in my latest posts that I love my children because I really do. Just look at the faces and personalities in this last shot. So fun!


kathryn said...

Just looking at how grown up they all are makes me want to cry. Stop allowing that to happen!

Andersons said...

I love the last one with you and all your kids! Too cute!

Ralph and Brenda said...

Way to go you little historian. Now it is forever preserved. Ya, they do look very happy.