Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer roundup

I’ve had a lot of great adventures this summer. Some I’ve written about and others … well I wanted to write and just didn’t have the time. So I decided the best decision is to write a roundup post where I talk about an overview of my summer adventures that I haven’t covered in here yet. Here goes.

The first Saturday in June I went for a drive with some friends up Butterfield Canyon. It has a great overlook where you can see the Kennecott Copper Mine. We went right at sunset and the view was spectacular!


In June I got to attend my cousins’ temple day when they took out their endowments. It was very special to be a part of it.


My dear friend who moved across the country a year ago came to visit for a couple weeks. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her and her darling kids who are getting so big!


Over the Fourth, I went to my sister’s house to enjoy the Logan fireworks show and spent some quality time with the fam. My roommate came with me, and we had a great time.


I had some other fun adventures in July, which I’ve already written about in other posts. So, I’ll skip along to August and the Parade of Homes. I wasn’t quite as into it this year as I was last, but I still saw some beautiful homes. The showpiece this year was a gorgeous mansion in Draper, which I’ll post below. This house was ginormous, and they had a full ballroom! Can you imagine?


A few others I like:



This is from a 100-year-old historic renovation in Holladay. It was beautiful. Unlike modern homes, the ceilings are not uniform so they have interesting spaces to work with. I loved it!




Okay, one final adventure and that will conclude this summer roundup. I had the chance to go to Bear Lake with two of my sibs and the kids in August, and it was such a wonderful trip! The water was warm and we spent three hours playing in it.



Oh, I forgot to mention, since we’ve been doing the punching bag in personal training for the last 6 weeks and I got to shoot arrows while interviewing a fantastic company in Salt Lake City that hand makes the bows Olympic archers use, I’m now a tough warrior chick. Just in case you’re wondering. My supervisor already is.


Oh and I’m officially an adult now because I finally graduated from a twin bed to a queen bed. This is my major purchase of the summer – a brand new bed. And it’s fantastic!! I’ve been sleeping wonderfully ever since.


Now do you see why I’ve had no time to blog?!

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Andersons said...

I made the blog! You sure do look like a tough warrior chick, awesome bow skills! Miss you!