Thursday, September 6, 2012

An evening of music and friends

Sooooo, I've been a bit of a terrible blogger lately and haven’t had time to update. This would be the first of a few catch up posts that I plan to do.

Last year I discovered a wonderful Utah gem it’s so fun to attend: the Deer Valley Music Festival. This is where the Utah Symphony goes to Deer Valley Resort and performs for six weeks in the summer. The concerts are outdoor in a beautiful setting, and it’s lovely!

This year I gathered a group of friends to come with me, and we had a wonderful time. Our first concert was the Broadway Rocks concert. I got to hear the fantastic LaKisha Jones, a former Idol contestant whom I loved, and boy did she rock the house! There was another man who performed whose name I can’t remember, and he was pretty amazing too. We got to see them do everything from “Defying Gravity” to “Phantom of the Opera,” and I loved every minute of it.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story. First, our group. Second, the stage – we were pretty close, and it was great! Third, the performers (sorry it’s blurry!) and finally the beautiful sunset.


The second concert we went to was a Disney concert. I was so pumped to go! I’ve been a little obsessed with Disney all summer following my maiden voyage to Disneyland. Anyway, it was also a great concert. I wasn’t so crazy about the four guest performers, but the music was great! I especially loved “Pirates of the Caribbean” but was distressed to see the closing number was “It’s a Small World” – probably one of the most annoying songs known to man. Oh well! It was still fun.

Sassy chicas!


Two great friends


The concert (traffic was horrible getting into Park City that night between the three major events going on, so we were slightly late for the concert)


This is the St. Regis. It looks very nice and someday perhaps I’d love to stay there.


The Deer Valley Music Festival is a great experience that I hope I get to keep attending.

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