Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slap Happy

So it's really late right now (and when I say late, I mean really late, like I should've been in bed about an hour ago late) but instead here I am writing in my blog. Tonight Speak was regaling me with some of the funniest entries from her blog, and I started feeling slightly guilty about my poor neglected blog. I also started wishing for the thousandth time that I was funnier and wittier than I really am. I'm the queen of being unintentionally funny, or when I discover that someone thinks something I've done is funny, beating the dead horse until it's mashed to a pulp (meaning I gain mileage out of the joke until well past the time anyone else thinks it's funny).

But, as usual, I digress. The real reason for this late, late entry, is that I wanted to talk about the concept of "slap happy" and the "moo" time of night. I am a person full to overflowing with silly little quirks and one of my more delightful tendencies (can we say hello Speak's influence in that last sentence?!) is that when I get super exhausted and it's late at night, I get ridiculously, and dare I say annoyingly, silly. Suddenly everything is about 20 times funnier than it would be normally, and I break out into hysterical giggles at the slightest provocation. You don't have to tell me that this tendency is not only silly but potentially irritating to those around me; I'm well aware of that and try to be conscious of it when I reach that point, but I can't always help myself.

There is a specific reason that I also call it the "moo" time of night and that would be because a friend of mine once talked about the time of night when all you have to do is say "moo" and everyone breaks into giggles. I can't say I've ever reached that point, but I've been close.

In fact, at Thanksgiving, my sister and I and a few of my nieces and nephews were having a little party on the air mattress (which means we were sitting around talking until late when we should've been going to bed). We had reached the slap happy or, rummy as my sister likes to call it, time of night so we were pretty much laughing non-stop. The kids thought this was great because everything they did was suddenly super funny. My brother-in-law looked over at us and asked, "Is this what you mean by the 'moo' time of night?" I bet you can guess the result of that question. Yup, peals of laughter.

I guess late at night for me also equals extremely wordy. This entry is getting a little bit long, and time is quickly rushing by, so I think it's time to conclude. I'm thinking about this subject because of the conversation Speak and I just had which involved a lot of laughter, some distress on her part that I found some of her unintentional humor funnier than things she meant to be funny and because I think in some ways, I was in the slap happy zone, so why not write about it? My logic might also be slightly faulty at this time of night so I'm definitely closing now before I say something really stupid. . .

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Andersons said...

You always know how to laugh regardless of the time of day. I miss that in my everyday life, I need you around more often.