Monday, April 13, 2009

Take a look in the mirror

I have one more thought to share tonight and then I really must go to bed! It's along the same lines, but I thought it most appropriate for it to have its own entry.

I was having a long conversation with my mom on the phone last night. She was telling me about some difficult things members of our family have been going through recently. With one in particular, I felt I had to speak up. I was talking about how this person needed to let some things go so she could feel at peace and move on. This sparked a moment of realization: these things I was saying could just as easily apply to me!!

My initial reaction was guilt because I felt like a serious hypocrite! The second reaction, of a longer duration I'm happy to report, was to think about how I could apply my advice to my own life. And I resolved to do better with this matter which has been difficult for me to deal with for several months now. I haven't arrived at the point where I feel fine with everything yet, but at least I'm determined not to cling to it anymore! Freedom and a willingness to accept things for the way they are is on the horizon and all because I realized I needed to take a look in the mirror so I could say these things to myself.

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