Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tammy by many other names

Today has been a fairly stressful day but I must admit that one of my favorite forms of stress relief is writing so here's me de-stressing myself. I hope you enjoy it! I was thinking about writing this entry earlier this week but have been quite busy so I haven't gotten around to it. Oh well!

For whatever reason my name lends itself well to nicknames. This could be because Tammy itself is actually a nickname. My mom named me Tamara (pronounced Tam-ah-rah, but thanks to Tia and Tamara Mowry everyone always thinks it's Tah-mare-uh, which drives me crazy) with the intention that I could be called Tammy or Tamara. She failed to factor in the fact that Tamara would become my trouble name so I don't enjoy being called that because it makes me remember all the times I was in trouble. . .;) Okay I really wasn't that much of a troublemaker, but I got in trouble enough that I don't care to be reminded of it over and over again.

I found it interesting to think back through the years of my life and discover all the nicknames I've managed to pick up. For example, when I worked for the school newspaper in college everyone called me Tammy Faye. Concurrently, my roommates nicknamed me Tammy Jean, and when I see either group of friends now (which isn't so very often I'm afraid), they still refer to me by that name, which I find amusing.

I've also been called Tam (said in an emphatic way), Tam-Tam, Tams, Tamela and, most recently, Tammykins (that one's courtesy of Speak). Someone once tried to refer to me as Tammy Sue but that one just didn't stick.

I wish I could say I understood the phenomenon of why my name lends itself so well to nicknames, but I really can't explain it. The good news is that I consider nicknames to be a sign of affection so I'm fine with picking up random names wherever I go. I suppose it's just part of the fun of being Tammy as opposed to Tamara. . . :)


gag01001 said...

We do mean every one of those nicknames with love.

That's funny that your full name was you trouble name. When my mom called me "Kate-a-lee!" (short for "Kathryn Lee"), I knew I was in trouble because she was too mad to use my full name. But I was also much more of a troublemaker than you were.

Kyle and Lacey said...

You will always be little Tammy Faye to me! And I think it's your sweet personality, more so than your cute name, that lends itself to nicknames. Do take that as a compliment--you never hear mean people called endearing nicknames (at least not to their face)! Just chalk it up to the fact that you are one of the most likeable people ever!