Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feed me, Seymour

It's been six years since the last time I had a cavity filled. I was so hoping that despite the (cough, cough) three-year gap between my last dentist appointment and the one I had a couple weeks ago that I'd come away with a clean bill of health.

Alas, such was not the case.

When the dentist told me that I had a small cavity, I sighed and reluctantly set the date for the appointment to get it filled. Which happened to be Monday.

I sat in the dentist chair as the top right part of my jaw went numb for the torture to follow. Or, rather the filling. I sat in the chair with my hands clasped tightly in front of me as a guard was placed in my mouth to keep my tongue out of the way. Then the dentist was bending over me, drill and pick in hand. He did a quick test to make sure my mouth was all the way numb (it was), and then started the process.

I can't even tell you how much I not only hate the sound/feeling of my tooth being drilled away but also the smell that accompanies it. Ugh! I know it's for the health of my tooth, but still, it's not a pleasant experience. I'm sure my eyes were wide as I listened to what was going on and watched the various instruments put into and out of my mouth. I was quite curious about what one of them was, but of course I couldn't ask since my mouth was rather occupied.

Although I was worried it was never going to end, of course it did and not too long after it started, thankfully. The dentist warned me that he had to dig sort of deep, but he'd put medicine by the nerve so hopefully it wouldn't hurt. He also said it might be sensitive for a couple weeks. I was very worried after hearing that just because the last time I got a cavity filled, they hit the nerve, and it hurt for about a month before they replaced the filling, which made it better.

I'm happy to report that thus far I've been pain free! This dentist really must know what he's doing I guess. :) Good news for me. . . and my teeth!

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