Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Be careful what you say. . .

So today I had a funny experience that I'd like to share. I'm not going to use names so you can just use your imagination.

This afternoon my supervisor and I had a meeting on another floor. Mind you it was crazy today because of a major event that was going to be happening in our building tonight, so the elevators were busy to say the least.

We got in the elevator with a group of other people, including a high-level executive. We pushed the button for our floor and, en route, decided to go to a different floor instead. Of course the elevator didn't know about our decision, so it still stopped on our floor. The executive looked over at us and said a rather snotty comment, half serious, half teasing, that involved a swear word. Of all the ones she could've said, however, this one wasn't so bad. Being me, I shrugged it off by turning it into a joke and we were laughing about it as we continued to the next stop.

It was only after we reached the floor all three of us happened to be going to that she realized she'd said something inappropriate in front of an LDS general authority who was riding with us in the elevator and got off at another floor.


My take on it is if you're going to say something snotty, even in jest, it kind of serves you right.

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