Sunday, November 7, 2010

A forever family!

This weekend I had a very special experience I’m excited to share with you. My sister and brother-in-law and their two boys were sealed for time and for all eternity in the Logan Temple. This is miraculous in so many ways and such a blessing for their family and for ours as a whole.

And with the year we’ve had, it’s great to be able to have something positive to report.

Not that it’s been all bad or anything, but we’ve had our fair share of challenges. It’s great to see the blessings coming along with the challenges.

Yesterday as I sat in the sealing room with my family and some wonderful friends gathered around me, my heart felt full enough to burst. And it was touched even more to know our beautiful angel was in attendance (she made it clear during the ceremony that she was there) and when the boys were brought in and joined hands with their parents. It’s making me tear up just thinking about it.

To avoid becoming a watery mess (even though I know none of you can see me as I write this), I’m going to cease talking about it and instead post pictures of this special event.

Here they are walking out of the temple together. Yes, the black shoes with the white clothing is an interesting (and yet fun) contrast. Smile


Just pictures of the family. The one in the bottom left corner is one of the missionaries who helped bring this all about. He and his dad flew in from California to be there. So neat! We were glad my grandma was able to come too. Thanks to my aunt and uncle for bringing her to the temple.




And last, but certainly not least, my entire immediate family, sans my brother-in-law who had to go to work right after the sealing. Yup, we’re a big clan all right.


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Sarah Roberts said...

Tammy - what an amazing experience! I'm so happy for you and for them! I nearly cried myself reading about it!