Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks Day 4: The Temple

I know that I just barely posted my day 3, but I’m behind a couple of days so bear with me while I catch up. Since I’m pretty much snowed in tonight with the storm of the century raging outside, I have some time on my hands and am trying to figure out the best way to use it. Blogging about being thankful seems like a great way.

I have always had a great love for the beautiful temple. I grew up being taught why temples are important and knowing I someday wanted to go there. And now having been, I know why it’s important and that I always want to be worthy to enter. Living in Utah I have my pick of which temple I want to go to. In only an hour radius there’s about 8 temples and there’s even more if I widen my scope to a few hours. I try to do my best to never take the temple for granted and attend regularly.

The last year has increased my knowledge of the importance of the temple even more. I am a strong believer in the idea of eternal marriage and families. After losing a family member so dear, whom I definitely want to see again someday, I have an even stronger belief in those sacred covenants. I know their power is real.


Just a few weeks ago, I saw my beloved sister and her family be sealed for time and for all eternity in the temple, and I don’t know that I’ve had a more touching experience. There is power in those sacred covenants, and it touched me to be a part of it.


The temple is also a place where you can go to think and ponder over important questions. I’ve had more than one experience where I received exactly the comfort that I needed by going there. I hope to continue to make the temple an important part of my daily life and to attend frequently.

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Love this post and the temple too!