Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks: Days 5-7

Okay so sometimes I go to my sisters’ houses for Thanksgiving and sometimes I’m just a little caught up with family things so I don’t get the chance to write in my blog like I would normally. That means I never finished my thankful posts. But I promise that I’m very much still thankful. Instead of writing three more posts on this subject, I’m going to instead roll it up into one final post.

Day 5: My livelihood and transportation

Someone close to me recently had a serious change in livelihood. No, she didn’t lose her job, but it did burn down. And the building and everything in it was a complete loss. While it looks like she will still have a job, things are going to be quite different for awhile.

This has really caused me to reflect on my own job. I know that I complain about it a lot and I’m not always as grateful for it as I should be. But observing this situation has really helped me to appreciate my job even more than I did before. I am very grateful that I have a job and that it’s a good job. It’s undergone quite a few changes this year and although some of them have been difficult, I am grateful for the challenge it’s presented and how it’s helped me to grow. I would be in such a terrible situation if something suddenly happened to my job, so let me just say that I’m grateful for it.

Along those same lines, I am very much grateful to have a reliable car that can get me back and forth to where I need to go. I’ve had very few problems with my car since I got it, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’m even happier that it’s so close to being paid off.

Day 6: My children

One of the most special roles that I get to play in my life is favorite aunt to my 12 nieces and nephews. And in case you can’t tell from the 5 million times I mention them in my blog, they are one of the most important things to me. They fulfill a need for me that can’t be filled anywhere else. . . until I have children of my own. Since there’s no telling how long that might be, let me just say now how much I love and appreciate them. Here’s just a few pictorial highlights of the fun things they do.





Day 7: My Incredible Family

I’ve already talked about how much I adore my nieces and nephews, an d they’re an important part of my entire family. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family. I have incredible parents who taught me from a young age to develop a strong set of values and morals.They taught me how to work (even if I didn’t always like it at the time) and encouraged my educational pursuits. From a young age it was made clear that a college education was not only encouraged but expected, and I’m so grateful I have my degree. I’ve enjoyed watching my siblings also get their college educations and how that decision has blessed their life.

Being almost the youngest child in my family, I learn a lot by observing. I have carefully watched my older siblings and have learned quite a bit from doing so. It’s also given me something to look forward to and work toward.

I feel incredibly blessed by the fact that I’ve never had to wonder throughout my life if my family loved me because I always knew they did. I know that not everyone can say that so I’m grateful I can. I could go on for pages and pages about why my family is great, but I know that would most likely be boring for anyone who reads my blog, so I’m going to just end with saying I’m grateful for such a wonderful family. Here’s a picture of almost all of us.


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