Monday, August 15, 2011

Homes on parade

One of the themes of my life in the past year is change. In learning to embrace change, I’ve also learned to not be afraid to try new things. This means I’ve had some wonderful experiences I might not have had otherwise. Some I liked and others I didn’t, but the point is that I did them. Yay for me, right?

Last week I had yet another opportunity to try something new. In this case it was the Parade of Homes. Every year the Salt Lake Builder’s Society (I think) offers a collection of around 30 homes and 10 models that you can tour for minimal cost. I’d seen one for a neighborhood in Salt Lake that I would’ve dearly loved to tour, but I wasn’t familiar with this one.

After hearing about some of the homes, particularly the home created in honor of Disney and Pixar’s Up movie, I was intrigued. And then I was invited to go. So I did.

The circumstances under which I started were not ideal, so I was not such a happy camper at first. But I talked my way out of my grumpiness and loved it! I spent three days last week touring around 25 homes. I didn’t have time or the inclination to see them all, but I loved those I did see.

Here are a few highlights. This first one is in honor of our dear Neal Caffrey. The whole layout reminded me of him, and, sigh, this picture is of the Brooklyn Bridge which is near where he lives. All right, three of the four pictures are from different homes. But the kitchen is very mod and, in my opinion, Neal-esque. With as stylishly as dear Mr. Caffrey dresses, I can’t imagine him not liking the tie holder.



A few of my favorite interiors



Several of the rooms were created in honor of wishes the Make a Wish Foundation has granted. I found those the most touching. Here’s a couple examples.



My personal favorite Make a Wish room, created in honor of Tangled. In the actual wish, the little girl wanted a playhouse. Who wouldn’t love a castle like the one in Tangled? And you could actually climb up in that playhouse! So of course we did!



Of course I’m not going to forget the Up house. It’s bigger than it looks, and how can you not love a house created in honor of such a great movie?!




Finally, and yes I know I’m getting completely carried away. But really where else am I going to share these pictures?



Okay, seriously last pictures, I promise. I think this house is gorgeous, and the location is unbelievable. I can’t imagine having this view every single night. When I got to the house, which was no small feat with all the winding around it took to get there, I saw deer on the hill just above it. The only drawback is that it’s clear out in Herriman. Oh, and it might cost around $800,000 too, but really that’s pocket change.



Katie said...

I love going to the parade of homes. My husband and I try to go to the one here in Utah County every year (try). One year we even went to the one in St. George; it was absolutely AMAZING! I love looking at all the fun ideas for homes. It's good times. I'm glad you had fun. :)

Connie said...

How fun! I would love to have the opportunity to see the homes sometime. I can't believe some of the interiors. Totally cool!!

Melissa said...

Tammy~ Those are some amazing pictures!! I want you to know when I read your posts they are so inspirational and what I need at times. You are great!! Melissa