Thursday, June 4, 2009

A little trip inside my brain. . .

I'm beginning this post without knowing for sure what it's going to be about. My head is stuffed to overflowing with any number of thoughts I could write about from the joys of being a complicated female (why-oh-why do we have to feel so many emotions all at the same time?) to the fact that I am now an expert on all things sunflower (okay not really but I did do a cute little presentation about them for three hours at the event I was helping with tonight) to how I couldn't be happier that tomorrow's Friday!!

I guess perhaps I'll just discuss a hodge podge of all these ideas. First of all--being a complicated female. Once upon a time when I was but a wee sophomore in college (yes that was many moons ago I'm afraid), one of my home evening brothers asked me if I understand girls. I gave him an ironic smile and said, "Well, considering that I'm a girl and I sometimes don't understand myself, no I guess I don't really understand girls."

I'm guessing most guys would agree with me on the idea that females are darn blasted hard to understand. And I hate that I'm saying this right now, but it's really true! This morning I had a bit of a meltdown of sorts (sans tears thank goodness, especially since I was at work although they hovered close to the surface) because I had so many feelings inside and they were making me crazy! As I talked it through with Smirk, I felt so much better and I kept bemoaning how complicated all of it was. I could talk about a single thing that was bothering me and have three or four different emotions attached to it simultaneously. Ugh! All I can say is, good luck understanding the ladies, men! Perhaps not all of us are that complicated, but I would guess a significant portion are, so have fun as you figure that out for yourself or even if you already have. . . ;)

Tonight I was helping at an event for work called Traveling Treasures. It's basically about 7 different free activities children can participate in that are all science-related, of course since it's done in connection with the Utah Museum of Natural History. The majority of the time I'm assigned to refreshment duty, but for the last several, I've helped out with the sunflower station where the kids learn about sunflowers and then plant one themselves. It's pretty cute. Anyway, I'm no expert on sunflowers but we had such a high turnout last time that I listened to the presentation many, many times so when the lady who normally does it wasn't there tonight, the Fashionista and Idid it.

I can now tell you that sunflowers are a composite flower, with both disc flowers and ray flowers, they are comprised of thousands of seeds, and they always turn whatever direction the sun is. After giving this presentation more times than I can even count (we had a great turnout at the event!), I feel like such an expert even though I'm really not. As part of the station, the kids plant sunflower seeds, and I wonder every time I do the event how many of them will really survive. But all you can do is teach them and hope for the best anyway. I was never successful at such a thing when I was a child, so I hope the ones I helped tonight do better than me.

Finally, tomorrow it's officially Friday!! Wa-hoo! This has been a long, icky week, and I won't be sad to wish it farewell! Bring on the weekend! I have some fun stuff coming up, so I'm pretty stoked. Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading this and having patience with my randomness, especially since it's so lengthy!

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