Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Queen! of the Exclamation Point

After my last entry, I just decided I am in definite need of something more cheery! I didn't mean for it to be depressing or anything, but I think that's how it came out. Whoops! However, I'm hoping to cleanse that feeling with this much more fun entry!

Have I ever mentioned before that I happen to be the Queen! of the Exclamation Point?! It may be sad, but, alas, it's true! I am addicted to this perhaps slightly quirky, but nevertheless fun punctuation mark. (Hmm, that description could also fit me too. What a strange coincidence. . .)Many a sentence have I closed with not just one but several exclamation points.

If you were to look up the exclamation point in a grammar text of some type (which I am not going to do just for the sake of this entry, even though I could) I'm sure it would tell you something to the effect that exclamation points are used to show emphasis or excitement. And yes, I use them for both! I am a relatively happy and somewhat easily excitable person, and I sometimes communicate this with the use of an exclamation point, or when I'm super excited about something, several all in a row, like this!!!!!

I suppose this isn't so abnormal; many people choose to occasionally use an exclamation point. My problem is that I overuse it. If I were to consult recent emails, blog posts and Facebook wall posts, I'm quite certain I would discover I use it more often than not! And yes, I used one on that last sentence for the sake of emphasis. :) Just trying to prove my point.

Anyway, I wanted to share this most important part of expressing myself with you!! If you are the lucky recipient of a fun message from me in the next little while that may or may not contain what seems to be an excessive amount of exclamation points (!), please know that I do it out of love and excitement. You can't very well sense my excitement from something I write to you if I don't use at least one exclamation point! And if I use many, that just means I'm even more excited about whatever I'm saying to you! For really big news, I may use even more!!

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