Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You!!

My poor neglected blog! I am sometimes so faithful about writing in it, but for whatever reason, this month it's a struggle for me! And I've had some great things happen recently which I need to tell about.

Let's start with the Kelly Clarkson concert last Thursday. It was awesome!! She sounds just as great live as she does on her CDs. She performed some classic Kelly Clarkson tunes ("Breakaway", "Since U Been Gone", "Miss Independence") as well as some tunes from her new CD, which I love! I was hoping that she would perform at least one or two of my favorite songs on the CD ("Long Shot" and "Impossible"), but, alas, she did not. It was still a great concert. She closed out by singing "My Life Would Suck Without You." I have to admit that initially I was not impressed with this song, but after I used it to sass Speak one night it's sort of become an anthem from one of us to the other, so I really love it now. :)

My only beef with the concert was a) the choice of venue and b) that she only sang for an hour! I was hoping for an hour and a half to two hours but no such luck. One of my friends who attended the concert with me said that singers sometimes struggle with singing in Utah because of the elevation, so that may be why she didn't sing very long. It could've also been because the tickets weren't that expensive, but it's okay. Utah Valley University put on the concert and it was held in their baseball field. Umm, the diamond shape doesn't really lend itself to being a great location for a concert, especially when they jealously protect the playing area (not that I blame them or anything.) I really did enjoy myself! I'm posting some pictures below for your enjoyment!

Before I go though, I have to tell you one of my favorite parts of the concert which, ironically enough, doesn't have anything to do with the singing. So the weather was iffy when we went, but we were told the concert would go on, rain or shine. Luckily it only sprinkled on us and the clouds moved completely out by the time the concert ended. However, for a good part of the time Kelly was singing, there was a huge double rainbow across the whole sky. It was truly beautiful! I tried to capture it on film but couldn't quite get all of it. I'm posting a couple pictures I took of the pieces of it.
Andrea and I are excited to see Kelly!

Here's where Kelly will be singing shortly. Check out the crowd!

Here's the major portion of the rainbow. I really wish I could've caught the whole thing. Oh well!

Here is the side by the stage. I loved the double rainbow. It was so beautiful!

Here's the crowd jamming to one of Kelly's songs. I think it was either "Since U Been Gone" or "Breakaway" but I'm not sure.

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