Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to a Wonderful Dad

I guess this month instead of posting one entry at a time, I'm going to post several all at once. Isn't that exciting?! I suppose it could just mean that I have a lot to say at some times and not much at other times.

In case you hadn't heard, today is Father's Day, a day set aside for all of us to remember our fathers. I know that not everybody was blessed in the father department, but I certainly have been. My dad is wonderful and has taught me many things throughout my life. He has also been a wonderful example of the type of life I want to live and has raised me to be a righteous daughter of God. He has been a loving and kind voice of wisdom in my siblings' and my life. He may not always have much to say (after I reach a certain point in any given telephone conversation, he says, "Well, I can't think of anything else to say--here's your mother" which I find funny) but he always listens. He also doesn't jump to conclusions or fly off the handle at the drop of a hat, both qualities I need to learn to emulate.

Among other things, my dad has taught me that respecting my parents is essential, to never ever get into a scratching war with my sister, that getting your mouth washed out with soap is NOT a pleasant experience, that teasing is often a sign of affection and it's good to be teasable (I think I just made that word up. Cool!), that one of the most torturous ways to end a fight with your sibling is to hug each other even though you may not like each other at that moment in time, that being a voracious reader is a wonderful thing, that it's okay for parents to get involved in the neighborhood water fight, that there's always time for a nap, and that true love conquers everything, even the smell of rotting dog (hence the reason he still likes being around his pooch, when all the rest of us can't hardly stand to be in the same room with him).

Here are a few pictures of my dad, for your viewing pleasure. This first one is my parents. Aren't they cute?
He also taught me that a) it's good for couples to do things together and b) that it's okay for men to enjoy dancing.
Look at him being a good sport when I'm having some fun at his expense. This was two years ago after he had an emergency surgery on his knee and the Bibliophile and I took a trip home to my parents' house to help out for a couple days. I tucked him right up into bed. Doesn't he look cute?
Here's him being proud of his offspring, or rather, the offspring of his offspring. Yes, that sounds funny, but I like it, so I'm going to leave it. In any case, my dad is a wonderful grandfather and loves all of his grandchildren very much.
My dad is also really good at documenting events with photos. Here he is taking pictures in Yellowstone. And I'm a smart aleck so I took a picture of him, taking a picture. :)

Let's be honest--I, too, am notorious for documenting events with photos so there's tons more I could put here. However, it's late and I'm exhausted, so I'm going to put this last picture of him and me at Iguacu Falls in Brazil. It was a during our wonderful trip to Paraguay last fall.

Suffice it to say that I sure do love and appreciate my dad! Happy Father's Dad, Papa-Daddy!!

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