Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It’s called customer service people – you might want to look into it!

I had a customer experience so terrible tonight that I’m still angry about it hours later. And since a good way to diffuse my anger is by writing about it (and I’m kind of waiting up so I can see the eclipse), well here goes.

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, my Zumba class that I love, love, LOVED ended two weeks ago. I’ve been looking for a gym to join (which offered Zumba of course), but haven’t quite figured that out yet. I have one in mind but am slightly held up by the fees it takes to join.

I’m connected to my former Zumba instructor on Facebook and happened to see that she’d be teaching at Gold’s Gym in Sandy tonight. I took a chance and asked her if she had any guest passes (she frequently invites people to come to her classes, which is fabulous!), and she said yes. I was unsure if all the details had been worked out but went to the gym in question tonight hoping for the best.

I caught her just as she was going in, and she gave me a guest pass. I stepped up to the front desk, so excited that Zumba was only minutes away. Seriously, I’ve been going into withdrawals because I miss it so much!

The girl at the desk asked if I’d ever worked out at Gold’s before. I told her yes, and she asked for my driver’s license. It’s a pain to get out of my wallet but I dug it out and gave it to her anyway, still not really thinking about it. I figured it had to do with liability or something.


She proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t use the guest pass because not only had I worked out at Gold’s before, but I was a former member. This guest pass is for people who’ve never worked out there before. However, if I wanted to pay the $10 one-time use fee, well I was free to do that. Otherwise, no dice on attending the class. I was seriously floored and couldn’t even think what to say. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wish that I could have said, “Thank you. . . for cementing in my mind why I will NEVER join Gold’s Gym again!”

But, alas, I don’t think on my feet that quickly. And although I was livid, I’m still not good at being mean to people. I know it’s not her fault, but it was such horrible customer service that I couldn’t even believe it. And now I have to share it with you, my faithful readers.

Normally I stay general in my blog for good reasons, but this time I’m trying to besmirch Gold’s Gym because I think they deserve it. Hopefully this helps me get over it and move on with my life. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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I agree with you; that isn't how you should have been treated. Sorry to hear that! Hope things are okay now.