Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why me? Seriously!

I can't remember if I've talked about it in here or not, but I have a serious issue of being a weirdo magnet. The stories I could tell you about the weirdos who seem to flock to me would probably amuse you, but I'm not going to tell them here. I'm a nice normal person (although I have my quirks of course), so I don't know why this type of person seems to be drawn to me, but whatever.

If it's not weirdos, then it's those kiosk salespeople at the mall. You know the ones I speak of, who waylay you, and if you're not careful, you walk away with a bag of their products whether you need it or not. The Dead Sea people are the absolute worst about that! Or I suppose you could say they're the best salespeople. I swear I don't have a sign printed on my forehead that says, "I'm a sucker, please ask me to buy your product" but perhaps I'm mistaken.

Anyway, tonight I was trying desperately to get my Christmas shopping done. I was making great time too until I went downstairs in the mall. I was just searching for the final store I wanted to visit as I contemplated a decision about a Christmas gift.

The girl working at the Dead Sea nail products kiosk leaned out to ask me if I wanted some lotion. I thought it was harmless enough so I took it, and of course then she had to ask me if I wanted to see something really cool that could help my nails.

I smiled and told her I already had one, and of course she told me this was the new one. I let her do her thing with one of my nails but easily told her no on purchasing a kit. Phew, that's over, I thought.

But I was mistaken.

As I continued my search for this last store, another person offered me a small packet of lotion. He was from the hair straightener kiosk, so I knew I needed to just keep walking, but being me of course I didn't. And I was led over to his "shop" where he proceeded to not only be very friendly but to take my hair out of its twist so he could show me his product which was far superior to what I already had of course.

I listened politely, and it seemed to work well on my hair, but I was distressed that my hair now looked stupid, and I was pretty sure he wasn't going to completely fix it. And I was right too. He curled it with both the straightener and the curling iron then gave me the full-out sales pitch.

I almost wish I'd had my camera so I could've recorded the crestfallen look on his face when I told him flat-out no. He seemed shocked I didn't want to take him up on the great "deal" he was offering, a curling iron free with a straightener. I refused to name a price I'd be willing to pay because I honestly don't have the funds for it now. He didn't seem to understand when I told him, "it's not in the budget."

I almost felt sorry for depriving him of the sale, almost being the key word here. I just don't understand why these people always seem to pick me for the easy sale. Not today though, Zurg!

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kathryn said...

Only you would feel bad to not falling prey to panhandlers. Please, please, please never walk around a big city alone. You'd give away your last bus token!