Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Me vs. clutter? Who will win?

This week I’m enjoying a lovely and much deserved break from work. I like to save my vacation if possible so I can have the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off. For the last two years I’ve been able to do so, and it’s been lovely!

I have to be honest: coming to my parents’ house is not really a vacation for me because there’s always so much that needs to be done. But I decided it’s okay because I’d rather be busy doing something productive here than being lazy and lonely back in Utah.

Anyway, I decided that my major project while I’m here this time is to clean out what used to be my bedroom (it has so much stuff in it that it almost makes me claustrophobic) and turn it into a nice guest room where any of my siblings (or me) would be pleased to stay.

So, I’m taking on the clutter.

And I’m happy to report that so far I’m winning!

Today I took a load of cardboard to the recycling bin, two huge loads of garbage to an undisclosed location (I can’t say because technically speaking I’m not sure we’re supposed to be using said garbage, but since those who should be using it aren’t at the moment, it seems to be okay) and I took a load of items to DI.

I’m not finished by any means, but I am to a point where I need my parents’ assistance to deal with the stuff because it’s not mine. Tonight I made progress by cleaning out another cupboard to make a place for the stuff from my room to go so it doesn’t end up clogging up another area of the house.

Not only have I now made enough space so I can put my stuff away while I’m here, but I think my parents are also catching onto my vision! Once they saw what I was trying to do, they started doing it themselves, and then our progress was even better! Old habits die hard though so it’s still a bit of a fight. But again we are making progress!

All I can say is: bring on the clutter!

Please note, however, that I’m not going to spend my entire vacation de-junking. I’ll work hard again tomorrow, but then I’m taking a break for the next couple of days after that. I want to spend some time playing too, especially since my sister and her family will be coming to visit. Yippee!

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