Sunday, April 24, 2011

A day for reflection and rejoicing

Today is Easter. Generally speaking, it’s a day when people think about the Easter Bunny coming to their house bringing eggs and baskets of candy. People who are religious will most likely attend the special Easter service at their church.

I could myself among this number. I am a religious person with strong faith. I attend church every week, but today’s meetings were very special for me. We always talk about our Savior Jesus Christ, but today He was the focus since we’re celebrating both his death and resurrection which together equal his atonement in our behalf.

Both speakers in church today talked about Christ. Although this is a big topic to tackle, I felt like both handled it gracefully and spoke with the Spirit. In fact, the Spirit was so strong throughout the entire meeting, and it carried into both meetings that followed. The teacher in Relief Society worked her lesson so it focused more on the Savior, and it came out beautifully, even if a little long.

The point of all this chatter is that my heart is full to overflowing with love for my Savior Jesus Chris. I can never repay what He’s done for me. Through his sacrifice, he’s made it possible for me to not only overcome death, but also to overcome all my weaknesses and shortcomings and be able to return to him.

He has the ability to comfort me and to succor me in just the manner that I need. I know that He is aware of me, and He loves me. He does ask me to pass through difficult things, but it’s never more than I can handle, and He’s there with me every step of the way. He truly has descended below us all so He can bring us up when we’re down and strengthen us when we’re weak and even continue to build us up in times when we’re strong. His Atonement is key to the great Plan of Happiness and enables us to get back to Him, which we couldn’t do on our own.

I’ve been reflecting on this idea all day.and figuring out how I can better use it in my life, how I can make His sacrifice for me more meaningful. I’m not going to put any specifics here, but I know I can apply it in better ways. I’m just grateful to have had this day to reflect and to rejoice. Because even though his Sacrifice was great, His resurrection is even greater.and is cause for celebration.

With the rest of the Christian world, today I reflect and rejoice in the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Happy Easter everyone.

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