Thursday, April 7, 2011

Part of that family

It's been way too long since I wrote in here, especially since my last post was much less than cheery. I keep meaning to do it and somehow don't get around to it. Sorry about that!

I wanted to share an experience I had tonight. I had the opportunity to spend the evening with a good friend and her family. They hadn't seen Tangled (as soon as I heard that I knew I had to fix it immediately!), so we watched that and then I was literally running through the house with her three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter. I thought they were going to be tired since it was near bedtime, but they had energy and to spare, and I kept up with them easily enough.

But the part that touched me was watching these good parents striving to teach their children. Although the kids are young, they're still making the effort to read the scriptures, just a small portion to fit their attention spans, mind you, but they're doing it. And then they had family prayer. I don't know that the kids retained any of this knowledge, but I applaud their parents for making the effort to do what they know is right and truly teach their children.

I was grateful to be part of it. It made me feel a great hope inside for the future. Although I'm not anywhere close to being a mom myself yet (I have to find a guy first and let's not even get me started on that), it made me realize this is something I want to do with my own kids someday. I know it's going to be hard and there will be plenty of things to dissuade me from doing it, but if I persist, it'll be well worth my while. Not to mention I'm going to be held accountable for how well I teach my children someday.

Kudos to this good friend and her husband for setting a great example for me.

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