Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little modesty please!

The other day I was out shopping with my friend, and I was disheartened by what I saw.

Immodest clothing everywhere I looked!

From tiny little (dare I say booty?) shorts to half shirts to sheer tops, I saw a lot of clothing that would leave little to the imagination if you wore it.

Yes, I know this isn’t a new problem, so why should it bother me now? I suppose it’s because I’ve come to appreciate a lot in the last year just how much your clothing says about you. I was told once that you don’t dress for the job you have but the one you want. Of course it doesn’t always work, but I’ve discovered people really do notice what you wear. I’ve tried to live this idea, and I must admit that I have a very nice wardrobe of tasteful clothing.

I know that layering is still all the rage, so not all of the clothing I saw is designed to be worn on its own, but even so I know that a lot of it will be. And it makes me sad. I can just picture some teenager trying to be cool and fit in by putting some of these clothes on her body, and it wouldn’t make her look like a person who should be respected. More like a person who’s cheap or easy, and who wants to be known for that?

No matter what age you are, you should always be mindful of the impression your clothing gives people because it always will whether you intend it or not. Just a couple weeks ago I saw this teenage girl on TRAX who was wearing these tiny little shorts that covered little of her legs and a halter top that left her entire back exposed. I’m sure she did it for the attention because if I as another female couldn’t help noticing, I know that this girl’s male friends probably couldn’t either.

I suppose my point in this post is that I think in this world we live in, a little modesty can go a long way. I wish more clothiers would provide us with a few more options for modest clothing.

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