Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today I get to be the good Samaritan

In the last year so many people have done so many nice things for me that I can’t even keep track of them all.  Even if I went on for pages and pages I couldn’t do justice to all the kind things done and words spoken during difficult times.

These are the type of things you can’t ever pay back because they run too deep. But it’s not necessarily about paying it back; it’s more about taking the opportunity to pay it forward, to do something nice for someone else when the time is right.

Today I had the chance to do just that not once but twice. And I couldn’t feel better about that!

I’m not going to list specifics, but I had the opportunity to do something a little special for two good friends of mine who were having a rough day. I felt that was my good deed for the day and came home feeling pretty darn good.

As I walked to my car after my train got in this afternoon, a woman came up to me, obviously in distress and asked if I could give her a ride somewhere. I didn’t hesitate to tell her yes, so she climbed into my car and I took her where she needed to go, which, ironically enough, was basically on my way home anyway. I suppose I could’ve felt frightened by having this unknown person in my car, but it truly felt fine to me, and her distress was obvious, so I was glad to help.

Anyway, I tell this story not to make myself look good, but just because it made me feel so good. After having so many nice things done for me, it just felt great to be the one doing the nice things.

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