Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There’s just something special about the mama

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, well in the past year really, about the special relationship between mothers and daughters. There’s just not anything quite like it.

I think of the key moments in my life and my mom has been such an integral part of them. She’s always there supporting me and helping me. She believes in me, even sometimes when I can’t believe in myself. And by golly, she thinks I’m wonderful. But then again, she’s my mother so she’s required to think I’m wonderful. Smile

There are just times when I want to reach out to my mom because I want or need her support. For example the other night when my picture fell and broke in the middle of the night and scared me half to death, who was the first person I wanted to call? My mom. But since I didn’t want to scare her half to death, I waited until a reasonable hour to do so. I wanted the sympathy that I knew she would give me, and of course she did.

I’m thinking about this for several reasons. The first is because of my dear Miss Ashley and her awesome mommy. It breaks my heart to think that my wonderful sister can no longer has that relationship because her daughter passed away. Now every time that I hear one of my friends who has children talk about their daughter, or even people who are older, it makes me think about that and hope they appreciate such a special relationship.

Along the same lines, I have several friends who no longer have their moms, and they have to struggle along without them. I can’t even imagine what a difficult trial that would be or what a huge hole it would leave in your life. It makes my heart hurt even thinking about it. So, to those friends (and some of you may read my blog), please know my heart goes out to you in a way I can’t even understand.

I dedicate this post to a very special person in my life whom I love with all my heart and appreciate more than words can even express: my mother. This is an old picture, but it shows exactly who my mom is (and yes we don’t look anything alike) and how happy she makes me. I know it’s still a few weeks until Mother’s Day, but I’ve been thinking about it lately which is why I’m writing about it now.


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